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5 Easy Ways to Keep Active During Pregnancy (and After!)

It's so easy to get off track once you become pregnant. The days zoom by and your head is filled with planning and nesting. But one major thing people may overlook is how important it is both during AND after pregnancy to keep your body as healthy as possible!! For me, when I was moving it took my mind off of my aches and pains and whether or not I got enough sleep. I was just in my element for an hour a day. Moving and grooving and doing what felt best for me that day. I so encourage you to find a routine throughout your pregnancy and beyond that feels good and that brings you joy!

{First things first, talk to your doctor about getting active during your pregnancy. As long as there isn’t a medical reason for you to avoid physical activity during your pregnancy, you can do moderate-intensity physical activity.}

Here's what helped keep me going!

I loved moving my body during pregnancy. I felt great so that certainly helped. But when I slowed down is when I felt the aches and pains. When I kept moving and got exercise every day, I felt better and had more energy! Here's some ways and mental shifts that worked for me to keep going up until I delivered!

1. Just Keep Moving

Don't overthink it! Once you gain permission from your doctor to exercise, just do anything that makes you feel good. Each day is so different so listen to your body. Some days you will want to do more and others less. Try not to get down when you don't have as much energy some days. But when you just move, get out and walk, hop on a bike (indoor or outdoor), walk or swim laps in a pool, I promise the less you think about it and just do, the better you will feel. Now that I am in my postpartum body, things don't quite feel the same, so I make sure that I listen to my body and do what makes me feel strongest. The endorphines you create while working out are amazing for combating lack of sleep and moodiness too!!

2. Meet a Friend

It's true--when you stay committed to a friend you have a sense of commitment and you are more likely to show up if you know someone is waiting for you. Keep yourself accountable by making workout plans with a friend or fellow mama!

3. Make A Fire Playlist

Nothing gets me more pumped than having music that moves me!! Make a playlist from Spotify or Apple Music and let the rhythm get you going!! Put on some headphones and become the badass you are! You can follow my Spotify account here!

4. Eat and Drink Well

When you make better dietary choices and drink enough water, you will be more likely to make better, healthier decisions when it comes to moving your body. You will want to exercise and put better things in your body overall. So keep a water bottle nearby and plan ahead to have snacks that keep you full but are low in calorie and sugar. Stick with non processed snacks like veggies and fruit in between meals.

5. Remind Yourself Why

It's so easy to get off track and wonder why the heck you are doing what you are doing. My why is family. I want to be able to jump and run with my kids, and provide a better example of healthy living in their eyes. I want to be healthy and life a long happy life with my husband, so I need to keep my body feeling healthy. What's your why? Keep it in the forefront of your mind when you need a boost or motivation to keep going!

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, erin

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