5 Ways to Keep Healthy

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

It's so easy to get off track in the normal world. Creating a routine, keeping that routine, throw in a job, kids, a global pandemic...things can get a little cray cray to say the least. The days at times zoom by while others seem like forever. But one major thing you may not want to overlook is the importance on keeping your body and mind as healthy as possible!! When I am moving, it can take my mind off of any worries, stress or angst I may be feeling. I can be in my element and feel that adrenaline joy for a bit of my day. Whatever you can create for yourself, even if it's 10 minutes! Five more ways to stay sane are...

1. Start With 10!

Don't overthink it or even feel like you need to overly commit. If you can find 10 minutes in you day then take it. You may feel that if you don't get an hour workout in, what's the point? But that's just not the case. Making time to move is so beneficial regardless of the amount. Start with an "I'm going to just do 10 minutes" approach. Maybe you end up doing more and maybe you don't, but either way you've done something which is better than nothin'!

2. "Meet" a Friend, Find a Tribe!

It's true--when you stay committed to a friend you have a sense of accountability. You are

more likely to "show up" if you know someone is waiting for you. Now this looks a little different these days, but meeting up for an online workout or for an outdoor walk counts too! I love it when my barre tribe whether in person or online have friends there. It made it fun and gave the workout a sense of connection!

3. Feel the Beat!

Nothing gets me more pumped than having music that moves me!! Make a playlist from Spotify or Apple Music and let the rhythm get you going!! Put on some headphones and become the badass you are! You can follow my Spotify account here!

4. Eat + Drink Well

When you make better dietary choices and drink enough water, you will be more likely to

make better, healthier decisions when it comes to moving your body. You will want to exercise and put better things in your body overall. So keep a water bottle nearby and plan ahead to have snacks that keep you full but are low in calorie and sugar. Stick with non processed snacks like veggies and fruit in between meals. Here's five meal ideas...

5. Remind Yourself Why

What are you doing this all for? Why do you want to be healthier? What makes you come back for more? My why is simple...my family. My husband and kids are my everything, so I need to keep my body feeling healthy. Those little kiddos are always watching AND learning from you, so why not set the best example you can? What's your why? Keep it in the forefront of your mind when you need a boost or motivation to keep going!

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, erin

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