My Self Care May Surprise You!

With the kids at home, or working from home...or both! There isn't a ton of time for self care. But you can insert little morsels throughout your day to make it count and refresh your skin, your soul and sanity! Here's what has been working for me.

Have a plan: If you have a little one at home who is still on naps. TAKE ADVANTAGE! Or if you know you will have the house to yourself or downtime with your older kids-- Have a as soon as his head hits the mattress, I am going to________________ (fill in the blank). The times when I have a plan, even a checklist of things to do, make a call, workout, take a shower, answer emails. Regardless of the task, it helps to plan so you don't feel like any time is wasted.

Massage + Foam Roll: Every home should own a foam roller and this "massage gunner" as we call it. These are absolute staples in our home for self care and we use them daily, even the kids!

Set aside Time: When you can, carve out the time. Whether it's making plans with friends, writing your workout on your schedule, blocking out time to catch up on Schitts Creek, do it! Oh and don't feel one bit guilty!! IF you must fold laundry while watching your show then go ahead, but I won't tell anyone if you don't.

Put water in a wine glass: Yep, it's fancy and worth it. I'm a true believer that if you like the cup or glass you are drinking out of, you will drink more. Hence the reason I have 37 water bottles!! I promise you will drink it! Put some cucumber in it and make yourself feel like you're at the day spa.

Buy yourself the Flowers: We've actually bought the flowers and the house plants. Who doesn't need fresh air in the house and a bouquet to brighten their day? My favorite place hands down is Trader Joes for the best priced blooms!

Eat the Taco: Yeah, you heard me correctly. As long as you keep things in moderation and don't splurge alllll the time, then YES go for it. You've moved your body, you've been on track--then eat the dang taco! For me, if I cut out major things in my diet like sugar, guess what I want all the time? SUGAR!

Love on your Nails: Your feet (and hands) need extra care too. I was so good on pedicures before Covid. Like that was my special treat that I never missed. Now, not so much. I still try to make a priority but it gets lost in the shuffle sometimes. My point here is that your nails need love too. I purchased this set from Olive and June and love it!

Get House Shoes: I was finding my back, legs and arches were not happy walking barefoot on hardwood floors so I had to get creative. The hubs and I both have house shoes now. They are solely used in the house and not taken outside. Here's his and here's mine.

Make Yourself a Self Care Appointment: There's a bunch of things that come to mind here but with places safely opening up, ideas could be a mani/pedi, book yourself a blow out, a wax or facial. I just took advantage of the Drybar opening up in my town and let me tell you--it was such a treat. Their blowouts and the experience is amazing. Plus, to not have to do my own hair for a few days (their blowouts last!) and do work while having it done (multi tasking!) was amazing. If you are local, tell them "LIVINGLATELY" sent you for a free add-on treatment when you book at the Roseville or Sacramento locations.

Bath, Candles, Sparkling: If there is a down moment in a day, there is a 99% chance you will find me here. In the bath, with this candle lit, eating a snack and having some bubbly...water or wine depending on the day!

At Home Facial: I love this Indian Clay mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar! So detoxifying and the price point is just right.

Make your home smell amazing: I love a great candle but have also recently purchased this which I can control from my phone and also the intensity of the smell. It can be on a timer too--whoop whoop!

What are your best ways you've found to take some self care? Any of those on my list end up on yours? <