Snack Snack Snackin...

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

A common question I am asked is what I eat. One thing I will completely be transparent about is I LOVE to snack!!! I may even (if given the chance) eat a few snacks for dinner. So that being said, I have to make the right snacking choices. I also need to be drinking enough water AND getting enough sleep. Have you ever noticed when you are sleepy you are more prone to want to eat Yeah me too! So here are some top staples that are in my house so I make sure when I have a snack attack, I am reaching for fuel that makes me feel good. Here's my tops...

1. Veggie and Hummus: I love hummus or almond dipping sauce with carrots or celery. It's sooo refreshing and hits the spot. Aim for a dipping sauce with little to no dairy and has more cleaner ingredients than processed. Basically, if you can read (and understand) the ingredients then that's a better choice.

2. Good Thins: Good Thins: This snack I was recently introduced to and OH EM GEE they are soooo tasty!! They are so tasty to eat by themselves. They come in a handful of flavors but my top 3 are the Simply Salt, Jalapeno Lime and BBQ! I love the fact they are gluten-free with real ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors and no high fructose corn syrup, so I can feel good about what I am putting in my body. Sooo tasty--pick up a box next time you shop!

3. Bruschetta + Lentil Dip: This combo is so satisfying and a great thing to have in the fridge for an easy go to option. You buy all the ingredients from Trader Joe's--super simple. I omit the feta cheese but you can also add that in the mix too. Ooooh weeee it's so good!

4. Cucumber with Sea Salt + Red Pepper Flakes: When you want easy and's a great choice. I like adding the extra heat too for a little satisfying kick. Peel the cucumbers, slice them up to put them in tupperware. When you are ready to eat, lightly add some sea salt and red pepper flakes, maybe even some drizzle some lemon juice. Cut a few extra and throw some slices into your water, or put two on your eyes! Treat yo'self and enjoy!

Are you a snacker too? Do we have any the same favorites?

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xoxo, erin

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