What To Pack in That Hospital Bag

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

When I had my daughter, I had no clue what to pack in my hospital bag! There were some things I was like "oh I'm glad I had that" and others I was like "what was I thinking?" Here's some of my top items that you may or may not have thought to pack, so you can feel calm, cool and prepared!!

(Ironically--My most liked pic of 2019)

Weekender Bag or small suitcase: Try not to over pack, really less is more and you likely won't be staying for that long. I feel like I brought a bunch of things that were so not necessary, so just keep things simple in a nice roomy bag or suitcase.

Button Down Pajamas and NO ROBE: I thought having a pajama top was a nice option for sleeping overnight and nursing ability again to get out of the hospital gown if you wish. However, I feel like I may have stayed in my hospital gown for longer than I realized because it was just easier. The robe for me just wasn't comfortable to have tied and be in bed. The button down option on my pajama gown was easy to nurse and then easy to be comfortable in without it bunching up! I sized up and got this exact one.

Slippers NOT SOCKS: Heck yes, you need slippers. I brought slippers instead of socks and for me that worked better. I didn't deliver in socks because I just was too hot and wanted my feet free. But when you can get up to walk around or use the bathroom, slippers like these are key!

Lip Balm AND Lotion: Having a great chap stick or balm was a LIFE SAVER! Especially with the dryness of the hospital air and just being possibly dehydrated, having stuff on my lips and lotion on my hands made me feel so much better!! Trust me!

My Own Blanket: I wasn't sure about this with my first one, but trust me, having a nice cozy blanket from home was soooo nice. Especially after baby is born to snuggle with! I love this one.

Leggings or Loose fitting pants: No one really tells you this ahead of time, but you will most likely be wearing a pad home and even the hospital underwear. (side note: I took a few extra pairs home so I didn't worry about ruining any full bottom underwear I owned.) But having a pair of maternity leggings, because your stomach doesn't shrink back right away, or loose fitting pants were perfect.

Nursing Bra: I forgot this the first time around. Not quite sure what I was thinking but having an outfit for going home that you can nurse in is what you need! I think I tried to bring a dress to wear home so I would feel cute, but I ended up wearing who know's what home because I didn't realize I'd be needing to nurse so frequently. Also, we had to wait a little bit to get

Coming Home Outfit for Baby: Do it for the gram if nothing else-lol! A swaddle set is the perfect idea to make sure you get an adorable pic of your newest addition. I also just packed a onesie for him to wear, since it will be pretty hot when he makes his debut.

Car Seat: Okay, this you will absolutely need to exit the hospital. They will need to see you have this actually so it's best to play around with a car seat so you know exactly how to work it, install the base and click it into position. Practice ahead of time and if needed, you can go to the nearest police station to have them double check your car seat installation skills. This Maxi Cosi is our exact car seat too. It would have also been handy to bring the attaching stroller since it's a long walk to the car most times!