Barre Workout in 8 Minutes...Tone your arms, legs & core


If you are like me and have little time to do anything for yourself much less have time to workout...we must get creative & multitask!! Here are 3 simple exercises to do in the privacy of your home to tone from the bottom to the top!  Complete each of these exercises for 1 minute each then repeat...for a total of 8 minutes! {Outfit Details below}

Are you ready ?? Let's go...


Rolll up a small dish towel and place behind your knee. Squeeze your heel to your glutes and hold-with your toe pointed poke little holes in the ceiling(poking upwards) Repeat for 1 min EACH leg. {Works: hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps and helps with balance & lifting of your seat}


Arms: While standing at the counter (while cooking breakfast or waiting for your coffee) begin your push-ups! Stand a few steps away from the counter and lower your chest down and push back to the start. Continue for 1 min //Also, try the variation in the 3rd picture of the standing triceps dip. Keep your elbows close to your rib cage and lower down and back up again {Works: chest (pecs), deltoids (shoulders), triceps (back of arms), core/powerhouse}


Finally the core work--stay in Plank Position (as shown) for 1 minute then rest. Place hands directly under shoulders--can also lower down to elbows if that feels better.


{Outfit Details}

Top // Leggings 



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April 9, 2019

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