10 Ways to Sneak in Exercise Today


There is no doubt...we all need more than 24 hours in a day to get everything we need done! Seeing as that may not happen anytime soon...we gotta find a way to still get our exercise in...no matter what! So here you go... 10 ways to "sneak" your exercise in this week!


1. Power walk while grocery shopping, take the stairs and avoid the escalators or elevators. Think about how many extra cals you can burn while holiday shopping!!


2. Meet a friend for a walk around the lake, tennis or a yoga class instead of meeting for dinner. Do something active together!! (Then go and enjoy your glass of wine together--guilt free!)


3. Park farther away! Don't fight the crazies for that front spot, such a waste of time! Park farther away to burn those extra calories walking to the front door!! (Great way to avoid dings in the car door as well)


4. Clean up! It's true scrubbing floors, vacuuming, cleaning showers, mirrors, dusting...all burns calories!! Plus reap the reward of a clean home.


5. While catching up on your DVR, stretch your hamstrings, hold a plank pose, do a few sets of push ups...every little bit helps!


6. Multi-task...hop on a phone conversation and get on your walking shoes! Walking around while chatting on the phone not only stimulates blood flow to brain but also helps in...yep you guessed it, burning those calories.


7. Pretend you're in 3rd grade...stash a jump rope nearby whether you are in the office in between meetings or at the park with your little ones, jump roping for 10 minutes burns 110 calories!!! What are you waiting for? Get hoppin'.


8. Every time you are stopped at a red light, contract your abs. Strengthen your powerhouse minute by minute while waiting for the light to turn green...or heck, contract your abs while reading this!


9. Calf raises while brushing teeth is a great way to tone the legs as well as make sure you get your pearly whites.


10. Last but not least...schedule it in! Treat it like an important event--schedule the 4pm Pilates class and build the rest of your day around it!


Let me know when you sneak some of these into your day!



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April 9, 2019

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