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It will be raining all week here in Northern California (YAY!) I love switching things up...my photographer was a little hesistant when I pulled out this yellow headband number...haha! But I LOVE it and had to share! BKR Water Bottles (great gift idea) are colorful, adorable glass bottles free of harmful BPA's & they come in all different colors to match your mood or outfit. Try these 4 exercises below to not only keep warm but to have tighter buns and stronger backside...the best part is --you can literally do them anywhere & look good doing it!!  {Outfit Details Below}

1. Begin with lunges--keeping your front knee in line with your heel, make 2 90degree angles with your legs. Lunge down and up 10 times

2. Cross behind (Curtsy Lunge) and pull knee up using running-like arms--repeat 10 times

3. Step to a wide 2nd position, bend knees (plie) & lift heels (option) Begin pulses count to 20 then rest. Repeat if desired

4. Step to a wall or countertop (for balance) lift one leg and turnout in hip so knee cap is facing side. Point toe and begin tiny pulses 10 times...lengthen to straight leg (10 times) repeat or change to other side. 


How do those legs & buns feel?? More importantly how cute do you look??


Top // Leggings(similar here) // Shoes (similar here) // Boots // Headband(similar here) // 

Water Bottle // Jacket

Photography By Penny Sylvia



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April 9, 2019

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