A Healthy Soul in 2015


Being "healthy" is so much more than just working out...it is truly a state of being and a lifestyle. Being active is oh-so important but what ELSE are you doing in your days to make your mind, body and soul healthy? 


A few months back I began a challenge on Instagram #my50healthydays. (take a peek and start it if you want...it's a pretty addicting and fun challenge) This challenge forced me to open my eyes to what healthy choices I was making in my day. Even if it was to sit still for a moment and just be with my thoughts, that was my healthy choice for the day. You follow me right? It's sometimes about the simplest things we take for granted or don't make the time for and that has got to shift for me (and maybe for you) this year! So here are a few things I am trying to do daily, or at least more often. I don't want to feel guilty if I have an off day...those are allowed and you have to own those as well. So this mind set is more about finding those healthy choices that make myself a better wife, mom, daughter, friend and person.  


1. Do Something Active Everyday...even if its a walk to the park with my daughter, just do something active every single day! You will not hate the endorphins I promise!


2. Less snacking...I wish I would have reminded myself of this as I munched on cheese and crackers while I was making dinner last night...ugh! Oh well we can't feel guilty right? So onward and upward...I said "less" so I am sticking with that! 


3. More Water... (just took a big gulp after I typed that) I need to consciously have water around me at all times. I have a thing for cute water bottles so I find that if I have one like that around the house I will drink out of it more. My husband has a BIG blue cup, but I am a more "oversized plastic mason jar with a straw" kind of drinker. So find something that you can refill and keep around you. Also, every time I order a drink at Starbucks I also order a large water or have them fill up my bottle. That way as I am caffeinating, I am also hydrating! (just took another big gulp of water).


4. Daily Reading... I really LOVE to read, but don't let myself do it enough. I am a slow reader so sometimes it literally takes me months to finish a book but heck...I stick through it and now that I have said this/typed this out loud I really need to finish what I start. Also, magazines count (no not the Pottery Barn ones) but I have subscriptions to SELF and SHAPE and I love reading those!! 


5. Eat More Whole Foods & Less Sugar... I began being more cognizant of this around the time I had my daughter in 2012. I had always eaten relatively healthy but since I was eating for two I made certain I was making good choices. Then about a year ago I took processed sugar (for the most part) out of my diet. I used to crave sweets at night and was addicted to these little sugar cubed gummy things at Trader Joes...I am happy to say I have kicked that habit (although I love a little dessert from time to time) but I don't really even have the cravings I used to...mind over matter I suppose. I fill those times with healthier options like air popped popcorn, apples or banana with PB, almonds and cranberries, or hot tea. 


6. Do Something Just For Me...Once a month I am going to treat myself to a massage or facial or something restorative to help me be a better person. Take bath, light some candles it doesn't to cost a thing. Simple enough right, no explanation needed? I agree:) Treat Yo'Self.


7. Being Present & Grateful...There are so many distractions nowadays and updates on lives that you wouldn't have known about 10 years ago now with social media. At times it's easy to get caught up in it all...who's doing what or travelling where.  I used to suffer from the "grass is always greener" mentality. I hated that...so much wasted time and energy. I love loving MY life and all who are in it. I love making memories with my husband and daughter and spending time with my incredible family and amazing girl friends. Make the time, be about your loved ones, have dance parties in your livingroom and laugh whole heartedly. I feel so blessed and I plan to be present AND grateful for it all. 


Thanks for reading...now which ones will you do with me?


Photography by Penny Sylvia Photography






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