Winter Whites & Pink Lips


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Shoes // Jeans (similar) // Top  // scarf (similar)


I've got to be real, I love white in my decorating, my kitchen and in my bedding but NOT in my clothes. I was way afraid to wear it on my own skin. It seemed as though if there was ketchup, chocolate or anything my daughter might have in her mouth within a one mile radius had 100% chance to land on my white shirt. But heck, I turned 34 this month and it's time to start living on the edge. ;) Over the past few years I have begun to have necessities in my closet and make-up bag that I can't live without...and washing machines do exist, so I decided to take myself out of my comfot zone and jump in with both feet!


Dressing head to toe in "winter white" is pretty fun. Although it may seem like you are walking in a Clorox commercial, I love the way it looks put together with minimal effot. Monochromatic in black, navy and white have been my go-to's this year with a great pop of accessory or shoe to make the outfit come to life. These adorable leopard pumps give it just the kick I was looking for in this monochromatic outfit. Not to mention they are SUPER comfy and affordable which is my main game as a mom.


One thing I never leave the house without once I hit my 30's is lipstick! I am a full believer that having color on my lips keeps me from looking sick or uncomfortably cold (my lips have an odd blue color around the edge-ugh!). I received my teaching credential to teach high school when I was 28. My master teacher always had to wear her "lips" they were red and they were fabulous. I always thought wow, she looks amazing with that color and I could never pull that off....think a tanned-skin Betty Boop...amazing right? Then I tried it, maybe not the red she had at first, but I tried color and BOOM I fell in love!! Now I always have a great nude or a pop of color to add to my lips in my purse for any occasion. It makes me feel good and that's what matters. 


In 2015, I am taking more risks with my wardrobe and make-up. Yet at the same time I know better what works and what doesn't for me. I know I like a comfortable style that makes me feel and look good while being realistic in my mom life. 


What do you wear that makes you feel good?  Any go-to's I need to try? 


Photography: Penny Sylvia Photography




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April 9, 2019

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