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I absolutely LOVE this time of year!! The changing of seasons, the anticipation of spring coming after a long winter (well sorta for us in CA--sorry east coasters!) and a little love for the Irish coming up for St. Pats.  Speaking of being Irish, does everyone know how they were named? Like where did your parents come up with your name? Well I know mine, and it's a party telling favorite.


Let me take you back to 1981 just for a bit to Carmel, Ca. My dad was a bartender at The Hog's Breath Inn owned by Clint Eastwood (yeah pretty cool). During one of my dad's shifts, a man walked in and sat at the end of the bar. I must not forget to mention that he had a gold tooth, green baret and a chatty personality. For some reason this description translates to me picturing a leprachaun sitting at the end of the bar, friendly not the creepy kind...wearing head to toe green, a pot of gold sitting next to him, wrinkled yet filled with follow my picture? 


So here is this Leprachaun (yes, that's what we are calling him now) who struck up a conversation with my dad. After some Irish bonding conversation, my dad told him that they were expecting their first child next month. He asked what they are naming the baby. My dad says "Dana Patrice Kennedy." The Leprechaun couldn't believe my parents were not going to give me a proper Irish name given that my last name was going to be Kennedy. He said "No, no you have got to stick with Irish Tradition and name her "Erin for Erin-Go-Braugh!" (Which means Ireland Forever). He wrote down the name on a cocktail napkin, that is now in my baby book. Then gave my dad a roll of uncirulcated quarters from 1981 and went on his way.


My dad came home from his shift that day and told my mom, we have to change the name to Erin! Now I have no clue as to what my mom actually said to this, I would imagine her first response was "Soooo you want to name our unborn child Erin after what a drunk Irish Man said to you in a bar?" My dad said "Yep!"


The rest is history...but never again did my dad ever see that man again...maybe he was a leprechaun?!? Do you know how your name came to be? Happy St. Pat's Everyone! Cheers!! 


Photos: Penny Sylvia Photography




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April 9, 2019

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