Core Work & Poses for Better Posture


There are few things more beautiful than a woman who stands tall and walks with grace. As we get older, these seeminly easy attributes get a bit harder. Strengthening your "Powerhouse" and improving posture are two concepts you may need to bring more attention to in your workout. I'm going to show you a few ways to do just that...let's get going! {Outfit Details at bottom}







1. Draw your navel towards you backbone as you reach your arms up with legs overhead. Begin pulses 

2. Bring hands behind head and legs to tabletop position--lower one leg at a time to tap the toe to the floor and bring back to starting position.

3.Alternate between #1 & #2 for 3 sets







4. Plank and Side plank as shown in the 2 pictures above are amazing for stabilzing the core, improving powerhouse strength and overall body conditioning. Try the variation going from plank to side plank (can also place inside knee down on mat during side plank for modification) *This is also a great pre-natal or post natle exercise to strengthen your back & arms without putting pressure on the abdominals**


--Just a few variations and challenges below for you to try when you are ready in the side plank--



Below are a few stretches/postures that are amazing for lengthening and extending the body and  can be done just about anywhere. If you tend to sit at a desk for the majority of the day, take a break and find some lengthening in your spine with these postures. The goal is to feel a sense of energy through your veins and may make the day a bit more enjoyable and increase productivity--double bonus! Similarly, if you are carrying babies around the house, take a moment while playing with your little ones on the floor with some of these stretches and abdominal work--I love to multitask and the photos above and below are great ones to incorporate throughout your day. 





Breathe into each posture and hold each for at least 30 seconds. Just a little something to make you and your body feel good throughout the day.


xoxo, erin


{Outfit Details: Bottoms (similar) // Sportsbra // Barre Socks}



Photography By: Penny Sylvia Photography




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April 9, 2019

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