The Non-Baby Shower, Baby Shower












Have you ever met someone in your life that you just clicked explanation, no crazy effort, just a real friendship that picks up right where it left off as if no time has gone by. One that you can grow through life circumstances with...weddings, babies, highs and lows and they are just there? It's crazy but I feel that way about these 7 girls in the pictures above...and we LOVE any excuse we can find for a girls weekend! Case in point...Let's have a Non-Baby Shower, Baby Shower!! 


My gorgeous soul sister was due with her 3rd baby this past March (Shout out Baby Madison Nicole). We of course wanted to find some way to celebrate the new addition to her family but she had already had 2 prior showers. She had a boy and a girl already (blue and pink stuff check and check) so she really was pretty prepared as far as that goes. So we thought, oh my gosh let's do a Girls Weekend, just relax, get pampered, eat, laugh, get a little workout in, eat and laugh some more...sounds perfect right?? It was!!! 


Side Note: Here's what might be hard to believe...we all met while cheering for the NFL's San Diego Chargers (see picture below). It's crazy to think that our friendship has lasted over a dozen years since we first met! We decided to take it back where it all began and plan the trip in San Diego (plus it was close to home in case of emergency for the preggo mama). One of us out of the group has an amazing home (that should be featured in DWELL Magazine) and no kids, so she kicked her hubby out and made their immaculate home our Bed and Breakfast for the weekend!!


Here was the agenda 


-I got picked up from the airport and we made a quick pit stop to our alma mater San Diego State University just for ol' times sake!

-Meet up in evening with the group and head out to adorable dinner spot BoBeau (try the brussel sprouts!) 



-Hike Mt. Helix and do outdoor Barre Connect Class at the top of the mountain (super fun to teach just to my ladies)

-Lunch by the ocean at Tower 23

-Pedicures (followed by ice cream sandwiches at Baked Bear--YUM!!)

-Casual dinner back at the house of apps and drinks mixed with way to much laughing and oversharing


It was of course way too quick but was such a perfect, perfect girly weekend. We got to reconnect and celebrate our newest niece coming to the world. Our non baby shower, baby shower was the BEST excuse for a girls get away and I highly recommend!! 


Have you ever done anything like this?? I need ideas for our next get together!! Thanks for reading and letting me share a little personal story with you all. 


xoxo, erin


The 7 of us in 2002 AKA Line 2! This was taken during practice before our first home game! 


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April 9, 2019

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