Break a Sweat Anywhere...No Equipment Needed


Next ime you want to break a sweat but can't make it to your health club or studio, try these simple yet effective strength and cardio moves. It will be sure to get your heart pumping and break a sweat anywhere! All you need is you and some water, so let's get going...



1. Begin with power walk or jog to warm up muscles (15 minutes)

 2. Switch lunges: start in lunge position keeping weight centered with knee over ankle (not over foot) so shin is straight up and down (can use with or without arms). Jump and land lightly with other foot front in lunge. (20-30 seconds)



 3. Repeater Knee: pull knee into chest (exhaling on the in) complete a few times on each side for up to 30 seconds (then repeat Move 2) 

4. Curtsy lunge with knee: step one leg behind the other in a "curtsy" bending both knees, arms at 12:00 and 6:00. Then draw knee to elbow bringing arms strongly to side (repeat 30 sec each side)


 4. Plank or Push Ups (hold plank or complete push ups for 20-30 seconds)

 5. Triceps Dip (with optional leg raise) complete for 30 seconds (if lifting leg be sure to do both sides)


 6. Runners Lunge (Don't forget to stretch after each workout!) 

 7. Intense Side Stretch Pose (only an option when your hamies are warm) 

 8. Heron Pose (again, only attempt if you are feeling warm in the hamstrings)

 9. After a nice stretch, breathe in and exhale, take a moment for yourself before finishing...set an intention for the day.

There you have it a quick, yet effective workout you can do anywhere--no equipment needed! Thanks so much for reading...enjoy your day!


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Photos By Penny Sylvia Photography 


xoxo, erin


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April 9, 2019

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