4 Stretches to (finally) Get Your Splits



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Want to know one of the best reasons to take a Barre class? On top of the many, many benefits, one of my favorite reasons is to work on my splits!! I am one of those people who was not born flexible. I have had to work and work on getting my splits...and there is still room for personal improvement. The positive behind all of this is even though I grew up dancing I am more flexible now than I was back in the day. I work more on my flexibility now and make stretching both in my classes and at home a top priority. My body just feels better during and after my stretch sessions. It doesn't take a ton of time, but I will stretch for a few minutes and even use the foam roller to ease out tension too. You can find ways to stretch anywhere and anytime. I find I can stretch while playing on the floor with my daughter, catching up on my Real Housewives, during your lunch break, while reading a book, or before bed. Sit in a straddle sit or llike the piegon pose shown above and just hang out.  Research has shown that we are more flexible later in the day, so be patient with your body if you are trying to stretch it when you first wake up. We are stiff from our night's sleep so by the afternnon and evening we've worked out a bit more of the kinks and in return we become more flexible. I like to start in the poses above going left to right...


A. Runner's lunge (option to bring forearms to the ground)

B. Straight leg forward fold

C. Seated runners stretch

D. Pigeon Pose


(Hold each pose for at least 30 seconds)


These are some great starter stretches and will definitely make those splits more attainable over time. Below are a few more to add to the mix to open the hips and increase hamstring flexibility. 




Outfit Details: Top // Leggings // Mat


Whenever you start to increase your flexibility just remain patient. The key is to just take it one day at a time and know that it's all about progress and not perfection. Having your muscles a bit warmer will be helpful like after a light jog, warm bath or after your favorite group fitness class. When you begin your splits, begin in a low lunge and slowly slide into the split. Do not start in a standing position and slide all the way down to the ground. Start lower and ease into them.  Don't give up, be patient and consistent. Try to set a goal for stretching at least 3 times per week and work up on the days and the time length. Good luck and take it one day at a time. You can do it! Thanks for reading!


xoxo, erin

Photos by Penny Sylvia Photography



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April 9, 2019

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