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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico was hit by one of the most devastating hurricanes last year which resulted in many destroyed homes & demolished businesses in and around this Baja California Region. The aftermath was filled with looting, riots and people standing watch on over night shifts just to keep their families safe. My husband and I were in San Jose Del Cabo just 2 short days before the hurricane hit last year. I couldn't believe the ruins left behind in this gorgeous resort town after the hurricane hit. We literally just missed the natural disaster as the Americans that were still on vacation, had to hide in emergency exit staircases and be airlifted by emergency planes to get back home. Crazy to think that could have been us!! We were able to visit again this past August and although you can still see some of the destroyed buildings, the town has really come together to rebuild and resconstruct this tourist destination. As we come up on the one year anniversary of Hurricane Odile, I was introduced to a wonderful company doing its part to help rebuild the community of Cabo with their "Crafted for a Cause" Collection. 


I was so honored to be able to spread the word for this company doing great things for the world. Mala and Mantra are taking stylish accessories and making a difference with their #iamcabo mala bead bracelets. Their "Crafted for a Cause Collection" is making a difference, funding families of San Jose to recover from the hurricane last year. For each bracelet sold, they will donate $5 to the relief fund that helps rebuild homes for families of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico who lost everything in the horrific hurricane of 2014...Hurricane Odile. (See more images below.)


The special part about Mala and Mantra is their creator Judith Compton, who has combined her love of fashion and making a difference around the world into a deeper meaning, purpose and now business. She and her husband have such a passion for travel and helping others, her sincerity just emanates throughout when you talk to her, which is so refreshing to hear. She has a particularly deep connection to Mexico and especially the people of Cabo San Lucas. Her mission and passion have truly come together to help the people who were hit so badly by the hurricane. 


I absolutely love these bracelets and now you will rarely see me without a stack of them on my wrist! They are made with tremendous quality and you can feel good about doing something for others. Thanks for reading and your consideration with helping the wonderful #iamcabo cause.  


xoxo, erin


Special thanks to this post sponsored by Mala & Mantra 











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April 9, 2019

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