Top 4 Favorite Looks from the Year!




Outfit Details: Romper (another cute one here) // Blazer // Shoes


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Outfit Details: Top // Skirt (similar here, here and here)// Shoes


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 Outfit Details: Top / Sweater / Jeans / Sandals / Clutch (similar)


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Outfit Details: Sweater / Pants / Shoes / Scarf / Sunglasses


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September marks my Blogging Birthday!! I have had so much fun and gotten to collaborate with some great peeps! It's a lot of fun, but to be honest, It takes quite a bit to put yourself out there like blogging makes you do. If anyone tells you it's easy, they are fibbing. It's awkward to take pictures, it awkward to see them and even more awkward to do this..."umm will you take a picture of me...but no I'm not going to look at the camera." You have to laugh at yourself and especially in this blogging space. I try to not take myself too seriously and know there are going to be some people who are going to get sick of seeing my mug. It's okay and yeah I get it, it's not for everyone. At the end of the day, my goal is for you to have fun and hopefully get something out of my posts. Whether it be outfit inspiration, see a fresh way to pair those shoes with that dress or encourage you to wear wild pants to your barre class. I have to say I have grown immensly over the last year. I have been so astounded at who is reading my blog and that I have actually gotten recognized because of it! Seriously, I will never forget the first time I had someone come to me saying they recognized me from the was in the ladies room! Awkward but so flattering and I realized then and there just how small this space is...and that is pretty darn cool. 


I have also realized the harsh reality that not everyone is going to like what you are doing. I have been such a people pleaser my whole life (can you relate?) so this was a tough pill to swallow. Ultimately, we are all just trying to do well by others on this earth and some are not going to be in your court. I have had to take a breath and realize that's okay too...because on the other hand, there are going to be some great players on your team and that's a reason to be grateful. I have to be true to myself and my family as they are reason for doing what I do daily.


On a super postive note, I have had a great time in this blog space and I am so looking forward to what year two brings. I have to say a big thanks to you for reading--if it wasn't for you, this wouldn't be possible! So thanks!! Be sure to check out the original posts above...I'm trying to decide for myself...which one is your favorite?? Thanks for stopping by!


xoxo, erin


Photos by Penny Sylvia Photography


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April 9, 2019

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