The Holidays: 10 Ways to Keep Your Workouts on Point!




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It's no secret, the same patterns happen year after year. The holidays cause a lot of detours in our workouts. October, November and December (aka OND) are the three months where we find any excuse to not make it into the gym. Holiday preparation, shopping, cleaning house, family in town, running name it. Just about anything to not make it to your favorite class or go for a jog. You're not alone, but here is the chance to not let this happen to you this in OND! During the holidays is when we need our body healthy more than ever!!! We tend to eat and drink in excess and have more stress caused by the items mentioned above! Just keep moving your body everyday. The key is to find somthing you ENJOY and make a habit out of it!! Have fun with your workouts and don't make it something you dread doing. Think about the mindset that you GET to workout because you have a healthy body and working legs versus you HAVE to workout...See the difference? 


Here are some hacks, tips and tricks to keep you on your workout routine and not take a vacation until January!! Keep up your activity in OND...I know you can do it!! 


1. Schedule it...just like setting an important appointment, your body is most important. Schedule it in your day before the week starts so you know the plan ahead of time. When you know what you are doing you can better prepare mentally for your workout. It doesn't have to take up your whole morning or evening. Even a quick 15-30 minutes will burn calories and keep you feeling better...hello endorphines!! Stick with a routine that is attainable and manageable so you are more likely to stick with it. 


2. Pick your clothes the night before  or change before leaving work. If you set out your outfit the night before, it will be looking at you first thing when you get up. Chances are it will be more motivating to work up a quick calorie burning exercise first thing. If your workout has to wait until later in the day after work, then change your clothes before leaving the office. If you are driving home in your workout clothes and getting excited about the activity or class ahead, you are less likely to talk yourself out of it and head home...or to happy hour. (workout first, then happy hour = win, win!) 


3. Stay hydrated with water vs. soda or sugary drinks. If you keep your body healthy and hydrated throughout the day, your body is going to feel better and react better. Avoid the crash of your blood sugar by keeping sugary drinks or sodas at bay. Drinking lots of water throughout the day will keep your mind and body ready for a great sweat session! 





4. Grab a friend. We all know there are strength in numbers and it is no different when talking about your workout. I love to meet friends at the gym, take class together and grab a quick smoothie afterward. It's a fun time to catch up and have some girl time together...also you are held more accountable. You don't want to flake on a friend...or your workout! 


5. There's an app for that...There are so many fantastic fitness apps out there and if that helps you to track or maintain your goals, then download one today! Not quite sure where to start? Here is a helpful article. If it helps to post on social media...then by all means take that sweaty selfie! 


6. Make a motivating playlist. This is an absolute must for me. If I am not taking a class and I am doing cardio or weights on my own, I gotta have my pump up music. I usually make a playlist that has some highs and lows to it. For example, make the first song a little bit softer so you have time to ramp up your energy and warm up. Then make it steadily increase, have your biggest pump up song in the middle of the playlist (think the climax of your workout) Make sure to have a few great tracks to keep your heart pumpin'. Then a few softer "cool down" songs for your heart rate to decrease and find a place to stretch those muscles. 






7. Invest in your workout. Whether that is a trainer, membership, studio, class package, invest in YOU!! It is proven time and time again (whether you realize it or not) that cost is also associated with value. If you pay for something you are more likely to see the value in it. Think about something you got for free, was it as vaulable to you as something your worked hard to save up for or budgeted to make work? No, of course not. Same thing applies to your workout. If you buy the 20 class package or invest in the monthly are more likely to use it and less likely to have it go to waste. Think about what you like and spend the money on your something you will enjoy doing again and again. It doesn't have to break the bank (and it shouldn't) but there should be some value to your workout routine to keep your commitment. 


8. Have a "Rainy Day" plan. Okay so your mama boot camp group can't meet today because it's raining or your run group has postponed todays 5 mile what are you going to do?? Have a back up plan to your workouts! You may have to head home early than anticipated so make sure you can also workout at home. Do you have a  great DVD? What equipment is needed? YouTube is your best friend here you can find some awesome FREE workouts right in the privacy of your own home. I even have some quick 15 minute ones for you right here! Don't let yourself be detoured from your routine. Stick to it! 


9. Treat Yo' Self. What's wrong with a good bribe every once and awhile? I say nothing, and if it gets you closer to your goals, then shoot--do it! Don't let it get outta hand, but small little rewards along the way are a great way to keep you focused for sure. For example if you workout out 4 days next week you will treat yourself to a pedicure on the way home from work. 


10. Look good workout even better. It's a total mental game I am sure, but when I feel good in my workout clothes, it helps my game 100%. Over the past ten years, the active wear brands have taken a major stride. Sure some of the top brands are a bit mroe expensive than your run of the mill options, but boy can you tell the difference. The leggings that are sold for $70 vs. $20 usually have a different feel to them on your body. The more expensive brands have the right fabrics to lift and compress in all the right places so your body just feels good. Nothing worse than having leggings that fall down or are loose in weird spots making you have to be constantly pulling them up. Or the sports bra that just doesn't do the trick. Super important to not skimp on shoes either. The right shoes add support and can prevent injury, so make sure to get the right ones for your activity. I love these. Make the investment in your clothes and you will be much, much happier. Think about getting a few key pieces like this, that you can wear and you will be glad you made the investment. 


Thanks for reading...Comment below and tell me which tip do you think will help you the most? Would love to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading! 


xoxo, erin



Outfit Details:  Top // Leggings // Shoes // Sandals // Mat // Sunglasses // Watch 




Photos by Penny Syvia Photography



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