How to Get Those Barre Arms in 3 Simple Moves




Since the moment Barre entered my life...I personally found a true passion for (Finally) connecting dance and the fitness industry together. I have taught group fitness for literally half my life and coming from a health club owning entrepreneur family it kinda came with the territory. I realized (after trying many other careers) that fitness is in my blood and there's no getting around it! I have taught many, many different formats of classes but nothing quite changed my body like Barre has. I love it so much that I began teaching my own format I created called Barre Connect in 2010 and turned it into an instructor certification in 2013. It is something I truly love and adore and seeing the transformation on my body AND on many others, makes me feel like I am finally doing things right. After years and years of working out my body literally never changed. Sure, I have been active my whole life, but just knowing my body could "feel" different, was enough for me to explore other methods. I wanted to share with you some arm workouts you can find in my class that I love! The best thing is you just need 2-3 lb weights--so you can essentially do these three workouts anywhere! Pick out two songs that will keep you motivated (about 6 minutes total) and press play. Continue a few rounds of the movements below for a fantastic and quick arm toning workout! Let's get started!


1.) Bicep Pulses 


A.) Extend arms in front of chest. Turn palms up and bend elbows slightly. Begin tiny bicep curls "trying" to bring finger nails toward shoulders. Think about making the pulses about a half inch only. The farther out your elbows are from your body the harder it becomes. 


B.) Keeping your arms in the same position just begin to "jab" knuckles forward. Again, smaller the better just little punches outward and keeping the same position shown above. Only moving about half an inch! 


 2. Shoulder Extensions


A.) Same movements as first photo, just different position. This time punch knuckles side moving about half and inch only. Think of moving just "out, out" not "out and in." 


B.) Tiny pulse curls "trying" to bring knuckles to shoulders moving only an inch inwards. Make sure to cinch your biceps so most of your working energy is focused there. 


 3.) Tricep Extensions with Pulses


A.) Step one leg forward and extend both arms behind you. Lengthen your pinkies to the ceiling to straighten your arms. Bend at elbows and begin extensions.


B.) Hold arms up (as shown) and begin super tiny pulses lifting pinkies to sky



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 Thanks for reading...


xoxo, erin

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Photos by: Penny Sylvia Photography




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April 9, 2019

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