My November Workout Playlist


It's no secret that music makes for a more motivating workout. If you find yourself out on a jog, on the elliptical or even doing a home workout with weights and some NEED great music!!  I get asked about my music quite often after class, so I thought  I would put together a few of my favorite tunes that get me goin' right now. Below you can find what's currently on my workout playlist...



1. "Where Are You Now" By Skrillex, Diplo &  Justin Bieber


2. "Dessert" By Dawin


3. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" By: Muzik for Machines


4. "Work B**tch" By Britney Spears 


5. "Lean On" By Peace is the Mission


6. "If I Can't" By 50 Cent


7. "My Love" By Justin Timberlake


8. "Sun is Up" By Inna 


9. "Sun Models" By Odesza


10. "Higher Love" By Vincent Monrow



I use Apple Music (different than iTunes) for literally everything!! I use this streaming music app for all my music neds. I have  access to every song I can dream up at myfingertips. No need to purchase the song, just search it, and add to your music library or specific playlist. You can also have the option to "play offline" so you don't use your data. I use Apple Music for my classes when I teach, I have a playlist for my daughter (yep, it has "Watch Me" (whip nae nae) on it...don't judge!  I also use it for sharing music, playing music in the house, brainstorming for class music, my cardio floor savior get the point I use this app for all of my music needs. What's helpful is they have a free three-month trial to use this music app, after it's only $9.99 per month...but oh my gosh is it oh-so worth it!!! Any song, any tune that you wanna rock out to or cook dinner can find on Apple Music! Try it and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!


xoxo, erin

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April 9, 2019

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