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It's Thanksgiving week!! Crazy to think we are in the thick of the holiday season!! It's so exciting to have the family gatherings, the fun, the laughs, the food...oh man the food!!! It is so fun to indulge every now and then, but it's also important to keep up healthy choices and stay active. It's not difficult, it just takes some motivation to put good things in your body and move it every day! Here are a few simple ideas to keep in mind this week!


1. Stay focused on the FUN rather than FOOD: Catching up with family and friends and being thankful for the time together is what the holidays are all about! Make sure you are spending the time making those memories versus hanging around the appetizers! 


2. Create a HEALTHY MENU: If you are hosting, you have more control over this...yet even if you are not you can still contribute healhty items. Last year I was in charge of mashed potatoes. Instead of butter, I used plain greek yogurt iwth garlic! It was an easy substitue saving tons of calories...and was also a crowd pleaser. I told them afterwards though to avoid pre-judgements!! An easy go-to, cut up veggies with hummus (versus ranch). More healthy recipes HERE from Cooking Light! Also, make sure to have plenty of water around so everyone stays hydrated. Make it fun by sprucing up with lemon, rosemary or mint!


3. Grab your fam and get moving: Working out doesn't have to be a chore...make it fun! Grab your mom or cousin and get caught up Thanksgiving morning by taking a walk around the neighborhood. Walking and talking what can be better? My family and I are doing a "Turkey Trot" this year. Most runs have a charity it donates to, so look up some "fun runs" in your town!


4. If you don't LOVE IT, LEAVE IT: With so many holiday treat options, it can be very overwhelming on your diet and your waistline. So general rule of thumb, if you don't absolutely love it, then just leave it. Not worth the extra calories if it's not something you look forward to every year. Not saying to stay away from the treats, because oh man they are so yummy. Just keep in perspective what things you love and what you could do without! 



There you have it! Pretty simple right?? Four simple tips you can do this week to avoid the Thanksgiving hangover!! Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving! What other healthy choices are you doing this year? Thanks for reading, I'm thankful for you!


xoxo, erin

Photos by Penny Sylvia Photography

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