Stretches for Better Sleep


Ever since being pregnant, I have suffered from insomnia. It's terrible!! It takes me forever to fall asleep (mind going a mile a minute) then hopefully once I am out, I don't get woken up or else I won't fall back to sleep! Mix that with some sore muscles and achy hips and this girl is not a happy camper! I try to do some night time rituals that I believe promote better sleep. Here's a few stretches and routine tips I use to "settle-in" a little bit better...



 #1 Standing pigeon pose...(MY FAVE!!) raise one leg on bedside and keep knee bent. Try to flex foot and adjust your hips and shoulders so they are square to the bed. Hold each side for at least 30 seconds to allow the hip and IT Band to release.


 #2 Forward fold: Step back a little farther from the bed and gently raise your leg on top of mattress. Depending on height of you and your bed, you may have to lower your leg to the bed. Keep a soft bend in both knees and feel the hamstring lengthen. 


 #3 Quad Stretch: Flip around and reach behind to grab foot, then gently lower it to the mattress. Place your hands on either side for a good foundation. Make sure heel is directly behind your buns to not put pressure on your knee. 



 #4 Butterfly Stretch: Hop on the bed and place soles of feet together. Keep a straight spine and begin to lean forward to allow some hip opening. Next option is to gently press away the inside of one leg as you look over to the other side. Hold each side for at least 30 seconds. 


 #5 Read a book: I will admit I need to be better about this last one. I tend to forget to read, but when I do I sleep much sounder. Not having a phone screen or television on eleviates the cognitive stimulation which revs us up and prohibits a sound sleep. So try to shut down all electronics about 20 minutes before bed and see if it makes a difference. 


#6 Lemon Tea: My husband and I drink our 'lemon tea" most nights to aid with digestion and comfort. Slice a lemon and squeeze 2-3 slices in to the mug. Fill water with boiling water from kettle. It's a little way to calm the body and just feels nice. 


I hope you find a little routine that works for you if you've had trouble sleeping. Especially during this holiday time, it's easy to miss out on some zzz's! Also, I love these pajamas but they are sold out! So some more favorites can be found here, here and here!


Thanks for reading! 


xoxo, erin

Photos by: Penny Sylvia Photography




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April 9, 2019

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