5 Workout Tips for the Holidays



Isn't it crazy how much stress the holidays can bring...IF you let them!! I know there is so much to do between buying gifts, travelling, making the treats, parties...but really these are such fun things to enjoy and not stress!! If you find yourself a little under pressure, there's nothing a great workout can help. Limited hours in the day lead us to believe we don't have time for a good calorie burning sesson. I hope you can find some time and learn how even errand running can be made into a workout! Read below for some tips on how to keep de-stressed and move your body this month! 


1.  Turn errands into workouts! The mall is packed...don't fight for the front parking spot! Park farther away and walk a bit further to burn a few more calories. In between stores...pick up your pace to keep the burning happening! 


2. Try HIIT workouts! High Intensity Interval Training. These quick and effective workouts are phenomenal! I love this 15 minute one from Life Hacker. 


 3. Use Weights: Having more muscle burns more calories, so make sure to incorporate some weight into your workouts. It doesn't have to be heavy, just work until muscle fatigue (when you can't do it any longer) and you will see results!! 



4. Target the core: This can be done anywhere and any how! While driving squeeze the core for 10 seonds and release, repeat 10 times! Also, try this 15 minute video for some effective core and barre moves to do!




5. De-stress with Yoga: Yoga or stretching can make sleep more comfortable, can clear your mind and promote patience. Try to incorporate it into your routine. Here is a another quick 15 minute yoga flow video to try!



what helps you de-stress during the holidays?  Share them below! Thankks for reading!


xoxo, erin


Photos by Penny Sylvia Photography



Photo by Induge Beauty Studio

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April 9, 2019

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