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It sounds simple enough right? Think positive and life will be too. Some days it's easy and some are not always as smooth. So what can you do to prepare? What things are in your control to make a day brighter and more positive? I have a few simple tips and ways to create positivity in your daily world. It really can be some easy changes, or maybe adaptions to what you are already doing. Maybe it might be a bit of a shift, or something you didn't even realize you were doing that took away the positive energy from your day. So no judgement, just have an open mind as you read ahead is all I ask...here is what has worked for me...


1. Know A Positive Attitude Is A Choice. It's true, it is a choice. We are not born a positive or negative human. It's not always the easiest choice, but you have the option to bring good energy forward or not. Have you ever talked to someone and the first thing out of their mouth is a complaint? "I'm tired, I'm fat, I'm sick..." And while those people may be the things they say they are, heck, we all are at one time or another...but leading with those feelings can be contagious. It's negative energy and although these people may take it as just being truthful, it's tough as the recipient to respond positively. I am not saying that everything needs to hearts and rainbows, just try to think about how YOU communicate to others...can you be more positive? What reaction are you aiming for by beginning with a negative? Start with a smile and go from there. 


2. Rid Negativity: This can mean people, but it can also mean things, places, guilt, etc. Let it go, move on and tell yourself it's okay! If it's a person in your life, maybe talking to them first may help? At least you can try to be honest first? 


3. Be Humble (and apologize when you should): My husband is going to looooove that I put this in here--haha! But it's true, apologizing can be tough and staying humble can as well. I know for me, if I don't clear my conscience of something I said or did that could negatively affect someone else, I have to get it off my chest and apologize. 


4. Add Value to Someone Else. Have you ever thought about what YOU might bring to a relationship? Is it a loyalty, a shoulder to lean on, laughter, sincerity, etc. Be a person that YOU would want to be friends with, in a relationship with or just hang around with. Are you that person? People remember how you make them feel, so make every interaction a lasting one. 


5. Do Something Positive Everyday. This doesn't have to be a big thing...it can mean a simple smile and laugh or a give a compliment. I have a simple rule with compliments that have never steered me wrong...when I think it...I say it! If the person helping me behind the grocery counter has gorgeous eyes, I tell her. When a participant in my class is doing an awesome job in class, I let them know! If someone in front of me in the Starbucks line has awesome shoes I let them know. If another mom at preschool drop off has a great smile...you betcha, I tell her! Why not, a simple smile at someone in the hall and compliment to a stranger or someone you know can make not only the other person feel good, but you also get a good feeling too. You never know how that little thing can make a big difference in someones day! 


6. Be Kind. That's really it...just be a nice person. Be a good friend, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father, sister, brother, colleague, cousin...you get the point right? Be kind and the world will be a bit kinder to you. 


7. Find Some Type of Stimulus. What inspires you? What makes you be lighter and more positive? Is it a place? An activity? A workout? A friend? Whatever that stimulus is, be mindful of it so when you need it, you can access it easily to bring back your positive state. For me, I love to connect with girlfriends. Coffee dates, play dates, workout dates and brunch makes me happy. I love being active with my family and moving my body. Find your stimulus and connect to your positive mind frame. I also love journaling. It took me a while to get into, but starting and ending your day on a positive note is what this journal allows you to do with ease. 


8. Stand up Straight and Make Eye Contact. When someone passes you in a hallway, do you make eye contact and smile? If not, why? It may make that person feel more welcome, make them smile back and overall bring a slice of positivity to the quick interaction. Give it a try today or tomorrow. 


I hope some of these hit home for you. Maybe it was just a refresher of things you already know or do...but perhaps it was a fresh take on the easy little changes you can make. Thanks for reading friends. 






Photos by: Penny Sylvia Photography

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April 9, 2019

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