Yoga for Toned Legs + Better Balance


If we don't use it we lose it. We all know that saying and it can apply to so many body-related elements. Our muscles, parts of our brain, our balance. If we don't use it we lose it. So it' is crucial to find workouts for your body and brain so we are not losing anything...except maybe a couple inches every now and then. Our balance especially is one thing that gets worse as we get older, simply because we don't work that part of our bodies regularly, It's also a mental thing for me...if I am stressed or have a lot on my mind, it is harder for me to release and let go and find my balance.


So what poses does your body need? What postures can help maintain and enhance our balance? We need something to build upon...try these poses and variations for stronger legs, better balance and toning of the entire body. (outfit details below)


 Warrior II: One of my favorite poses. It's basic, but so efficient! Start with wide legs, front toes pointing straight ahead. Line your front knee up with your pinkie toe, so your inner thigh opens. Back leg is straight as an arrow. Lower your back hip, and deeply bend your front knee. Reach arms and keep chest lifted. Lower down and hold for a few seconds on each side to feel that nice fire build in the legs!


Extended Side Angle: A great option after Warrior II to bring more fire to the legs and also find a bit of a hip opener and side stretch. Legs stay the same here as in Warrior II. Place your forearm on your front leg (can also reach for the floor too). 


 Extended Side Angle (both arms reaching) 


Reverse Sun Warrior: The best part of this pose is the side stretch you can achieve. Same stance as a Warrior. Keep your knee tracking over your little toe. Slide your hand down the back leg. Keep shoulders down away from ears.


 Half Moon: Reach for the floor or a block. Stack shoulders to open up chest. For some reason, this is one of the toughest poses for me. To stack my hips and shoulders with my leg in the air takes a to of concentration for me.  


 After working my muscles, a stretch to lengthen the work feels so good. Try this quad stretch. Gently place your back knee down and lunge forward. For more, grab hold of your back foot (shown above)


Triangle Pose: Great for strengthening muscles around knees, ankle joints and obliques while opening chest, hips and engaging core. This pose is one of my faves, so many benefits and it just feels so good. 


Outfit Details: Top (runs large, order one size down)  Leggings   Shoes   Sunglasses  

Yoga Mat   Headband


I would love to know...which pose is your favorite? What benefits to your own body have you found through yoga? Thanks for stopping by friends! More tips on my Pinterest Page


xoxo, erin


Photos by Penny Sylvia Photography


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April 9, 2019

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