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Less is more when it comes to...well everything in my life I'd say. The same goes for my jewelry these days too. It's the simplest pieces that make a difference to me and really stand out. I am so happy I was introduced to Bip & Bop recently for a few reasons.  I love that they are a growing small business, run by three incredible (not too mention gorgeous) ladies. Nicole, the founder has such an inspiring testimony of how the company was created, you can't help but smile after reading it.  Their pieces are timeless and special. You truly feel and see the craft that went into making each and every piece. Whether you are looking for a great graduation gift, bridesmaid thank you gift, birthday present, new baby, or something for will be so pleased with any of the pieces from B & B!  I am wearing the Bow Bracelet and Handstamped Cuff reading "Gratitude" (my favorite word). Other pieces I absolutely adore are the Jessica Necklace, Agate Slice Pendant, Gold Dipped Quartz Necklace...just to name a few...honestly I could go on and on!! Be sure to tell them I sent you as they are graciously giving all my readers 15% off at checkout. Just enter LIVINGLATELY. 


Speaking about timeless things and less is more, the idea of spreading this into my every day life must be mentioned here. My husband said a great statement yesterday, "I'd rather have a little of greatness versus an abundance of mediocrity." I have to clap my hands and agree with the hubs on this one. It IS so true!! We just bought a new house (YAY!!) and this is our mantra as we sell, give away and pack up the old house and move into the new. If it doesn't serve you, let it go. That quote could be opening up a whole new can of worms, so we will keep it simple haha! But I do truly feel less is more, and if you haven't used it, worn it and no sentimental attachment to it...get rid of it! Too much clutter in your space is also a clutter in the mind. I love feeling organized, and I am not always 100% at this, but I try. It makes me feel so much better physically and emotionally when I can live simpler and more organized. Just a little bit of something amazing is better than a lot of "ehhh." 


So over the next 4-6 weeks as we prepare to sell our current house, pack and move into the new one, I am going to keep the less is more mentality. What do you think, is that what you do? I would love to know more if you have any tips for keeping your stuff light and efficient! Also, be sure to check out Bip & Bop and the wonderful things they have going over there! Thanks for reading friends! 


xoxo, erin



{Thank you to Bip and Bop for sponsoring this post}


Photos by Penny Sylvia Photography






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April 9, 2019

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