5 Tips for a Healthy Date Night + A Spicy Dress


 Outfit Details: Dress // Shoes // Sunglasses // Handbag (similar)



How fun is this dress? I mean the color, the off the shoulder, the lace detail...everything is so fun and perfect for spicing things up this summer. This shift dress is not clingy as it hangs nicely and allows a bit of room around the mid section. Super comfortable for a date night dinner...the last thing you want is a tight dress after a great dinner! Also, the off the shoulder trend is so romantic and allows some sexy detail to the dress and your body. I must also talk about the shoes I am wearing...such a great price for a neutral shoe you can wear with everything!! Dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts, they are excellent and did I mention the price is amazing too? I am on the taller side and dislike super high stilettos. They hurt my feet and I just feel like a clumsy giant with too high of heels for me. I love these 3" heels (the tallest heel I will wear). They also come in 12 other colors so you are sure to find the one that you need to add to your closet. 


Speaking of date night, what do you do to make a night out special but also not gorge yourself in delicious food? When you are eating out, I love to order things that we wouldn't necessarily eat at home, but be careful to not get too excited and overdo it. Here are some tips that I use for eating out and still being healthy. 


1. Always have water at your side. The more water you drink the more hydrated you become which helps in digestion, satiation and recovery if drinking adult beverages. Aim for at least 2-3 glasses per meal.


2. Speak Up. Don't be afraid to ask questions, modify your meal, or place your order first. Questions I usually ask if I am ordering Salmon is knowing if the fish is farm raised or fresh water. Farm raised will be more fatty and may have been fed a less than ideal diet. Wild salmon will be bright red in color and have a great amount of natural foods eaten and omega 3's are bountiful! 

I usually get made fun of because I am the one ordering a cheeseburger hold the cheese! But it helps! Ask for your dressing on the side--always! If the dressings are too creamy, ask for a few lemon slices and some extra virgin olive oil and make your own dressing...and a little salt and pepper and voila! 

Also, ordering first may save you from being influenced from your friends orders and potentially making a less healthy choice. 


3. Say No to Desserts. This may seem harsh...but just say no! You don't need it, really your don't. If you look at the menu you may be tempted so if they offer it, politely say no thanks. I'm lucky because my husband dislikes sweets, so when that time comes I know he won't help me eat it...so I am not interested. If you need something after dinner, try a decaf espresso. It's tasty and makes you feel a little fancy too. 


4. Share a Few Items or Split a Larger Meal. My husband told me once that my favorite food is "40 small bird-like plates that aren't mine." Those that know me, know I love my food options, eating off of other's plates (everyone in my family does it!!). I love sharing a meal or maybe a few smaller plates. I hate deciding on one dish and potentially missing out on another amazing dish. So splitting two or three starters is my favorite thing to do. You don't feel overly full and can leave happy. Also, if you know a meal like fajitas are especially filling...split it and everyone leaves satiated. 


5. Enjoy Yourself! It's important to live in the moment and enjoy the little things that make you happy. You have worked hard to maintain a healthy diet and eating a little off the trail isn't going to derail you completely. You can only do your best and then let the rest go. Enjoy yourself and the company you are with--not worth it to stress! Relax and go enjoy some great food! 


What other tips help you? There are so many ways to make healthy choices. They may not be right in front of you, but practice makes progress and that's what matters. So put on a spicy dress and enjoy a night out! You deserve it!! Thanks for reading!



xoxo, erin


Photography by Penny Sylvia





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April 9, 2019

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