Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Fit Girl


Soooo's almost time for the official day of LOVE! Do you exchange gifts? Or maybe you are looking for helpful items to add to your healthy resolutions! I have some ideas for you to treat yourself or maybe pass this link along to your significant other to give them a few ideas to keep you on  your #healthgoals! Pass on the chocolates and flowers this year and get movin'! Here's a few ideas for you...


1. S'well Bottle: If there is only thing you ask for or buy let this be the one!!! They come in such fun colors and sizes that are durable and keep cold things cold and hot things hot! You cannot go wrong! I have this one in 25oz and I bought  this one for my husband for Christmas and we wear them out!

 2. Nike Free RN are my favorites!! I have a few pairs in a different colors to suit my mood or oufit. They are comfy and great for working out or running errands. I just got this color and love them. Again, you cannot go wrong with a pair of Nike Free RN. They have different levels of support. "5" is most flexible, "4" middle of the road and "3" is most sturdy. Look for these numbers when selecting. 

3. No Yogi/Fit Girl's outfit is complete without a beautiful mala necklace or bracelet. They have meaning, intent and love made with each one. Find one that speaks to you at my favorite Mala Shop: Mala and Mantra.

4. Okay so you go to workout, then head back to work, grocery store or pick up the kiddos...ummm you don't have time to shower so how do you make sure you smell your best? Enter Happy Spritz. The ultimate workout bag staple!! 

5. Do you have a foam roller in your life? Meet your sore muscles best friend, well more like, worst enemy turned best friend. ;) These bad boys get in where you didn't even realize you were sore. There are so many amazing stretches and even workouts you can do with a foam roller. There are different strengths, some have grooves in them. It just depends your level of torture...j/k but really...we have two different foam rollers in our house because my husband enjoys the beat down, where I prefer a nice soft release. Find one here or here.

(PS. those are not my abs...pic credit Pinterest)


6. A good pair of leggings can really make or break your workout...or let's be honest...your day! A great pair is priceless and the use you get out of them well makes up the cost upfront. Think CPW (Cost Per Wear) and you are all good! I have so many faves it's tough to choose...but try take a peek here, here and here


7. Eating on the go is easy...eating healthy on the go...not always. I love these cooler bags by SoYoung to make eating healthy always an option. Whether you are on a long car ride, working, or away from the house for a while, pack yourself a healthy lunch, keep it cool and keep it cute. So many fun options and different sizes. Check them out! 


8. Anything for your face and I am all for it! Some I have to admit are just clever packages and no results. This my friends is different...Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask is delightfully amazing! Think baby soft buns when you wash off. It has probiotics (I know right?!) which enhances the skin to be at its best. I love these products so very much.



Here is a list to get you started and inspire a little health to your Valentines Day! So think beyond the chocolates and flowers and give (or hint to receive) something you can use a lot longer! What else is on your healthy list purchases? Happy Valentines Day! Thanks for reading! 


xoxo, erin







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April 9, 2019

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