Black on Black FTW


Jacket  Sweater  Jeans  Glasses  Necklace  Shoes


Black on black for the WIN! It's taken me a bit to find a (faux) leather jacket that I feel that I could actually wear. Whelp, this one is it. It's so soft and functional I love it so much...and the best part is it's under $100. Such a fun way to put a little sass into any outfit. 


When all else fails and nothing looks good in my closet, black on black always wins. It looks put together, it's slimming and makes you feel like a bit of a badass (jk-kinda). Each piece in this outfit above is worn so much by me, it's kind of ridiculous. This sweater comes in gray too and as soon as another color comes out, I'm grabbing it!! So comfy and has been a staple year round. These jeans I got a few years back but the easy ripped denim, plus the high waist makes them a go-to for me. Why is the older I get, the higher waisted I want my pants (insert tongue out, one eye closed emoji)?? I wish I didn't have to take this necklace off either. I love, love, love it! 


This past weekend was such a fun time! We celebrated Christmas in February with cousins from my husbands side. So much fun, laughs and relaxing and a bit of champagne was just what everyone needed. The holiday's get so hectic, so it was fun to prolong the fun and celebrate together after the cray cray is at bay. No presents, just our "presence" together and everyone making the effort was what it was all about. Thanks for reading!


xoxo, erin


Photography by Penny Sylvia

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April 9, 2019

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