Exploring Nor Cal (Part One)...San Francisco!


The hubs and I decided to take a quick and oh-so needed trip just to get outta dodge. We made the easy drive south to explore one of our favorite cities...San Francisco! Literally, we have been to the city umpteen times...but each time we always see, explore and eat at a new place! I wanted to share with you a few places we've been as well as some suggestions by some of our friends too. This is by no means the only way to see the city, it's just sharing a bit about how we do SF! It's the best city for so many reasons...here's some things I suggest doing while you are there...


BAKER BEACH is so neat. This dog friendly beach is just on the edge of the Golden Gate (on the San Francisco Side). The view is pretty spectacular and it's just a fun area to explore and walk around for a bit. We got lucky and arrived on a Wednesday so the crowd wasn't bad at all. The cool thing about this beach is for every time you go there, people are encouraged to pick up just one piece of trash that way you leave it just a bit cleaner than you arrived. Also, something to note is there is a "clothing optional" side on the north end...we didn't explore this section-maybe next time--haha!

 A drive over the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE is a must. Even if you just drive one way and then make a U-Turn and head back to the city. It's pretty incredible to see the size of this beautiful bridge up close and personal. We have only driven over it, but there are many peeps who bike or walk across...looks very cool but extremely windy...so come prepared!


We found a little Margarita Spot...BUT they wouldn't make a spicy margarita for me...say what? Sooo, I will leave them out, but here is a list of 15 great spots to try some amazing Margs! 


My guy is a huge fan of oysters, so when in Rome! We tried Leo's Oyster Bara great place for oysters for sure and cute floral wallpaper. The space is small so maybe a happy hour would be a great time to visit. We had the bar to ourselves, which was fun. A little lackluster in terms of service but overall a cute place to stop.


We always end up walking a ton so these Nike's were a lifesaver! Also, I am HUGE fan of layering because I am always cold. So I paired a vest like this plus this Free People Thermal and was good to go! Also, these leggings were perfection!

China Town is a cool spot near Nob Hill that we always find ourselves walking through. It amazes me how much culture can be found in a few blocks. You can go and visit their churches and museums, or walk through their fun souvenir shops and find a fun piece to take home. We have also stayed near Japan Town as well and found some amazing sushi at Akiko’s Restaurant & Sushi Bar. Here are the other top sushi restaurants according to SFEater.com

This was my first time down Lombard Street! It's that crazy, steep, can only go three miles per hour down street. We passed it while riding in an Uber and our driver was so sweet he turned around and went down it for me. It's one of those you gotta do it at least once...so checked that off my list!

The nightlife can be whatever you make of it...which is why I adore it so much. You can find the casual spots, the dressy locations and the somewhere in between. Concerts or lounges or comedy shows.  We were staying in the Nob Hill Neighborhood and walked to Belden Alley and ate at Plouf for dinner. Belden Avenue is a cute and quaint alley of restaurants with adorable lit patios. I had the butter fish and it was amaaaazing! Also, throw on this (faux) leather jacket and you will feel like a city girl. 


We also LOVE Nopa, Zuni Cafe, Marlowe and Waterbar for dinner and Cafe Reveille for brunch. Next time on my list is Wayfare Tavern and Flores.


There are seriously so many, many places and neighborhoods to explore this post doesn't even scratch the surface. That's what makes San Francisco so charming. You can visit one million times and each trip can be different. I'm sure I will be heading there again soon, so I guess this is to be continued! Thanks for reading and let me know where you went in the city! 


xoxo, erin

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April 9, 2019

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