Add This, Take Away That...One Major Nutritional Shift I've Made







Add this, take away that has been my new mantra as of late. What can I remove from my life to make simpler and what do I need to add? You can really go pretty deep into this topic from relationships and diet to careerpath and happiness...buuuut let's keep it light today--haha! The one nutritional change that has made a huge shift for me is eliminating dairy!! 


When you think of dairy, milk comes to mind...and I wasn't a huge milk drinker so I thought no biggie.


But then I looked at the half and half I was putting in my coffee...then the goat cheese I love on my salad or the sliced cheddar I would grab as a snack...then the ice cream and frozen yogurt I love to indulge on with my daughter!! AHHH! Dairy is everywhere!!!


Truthfully eliminating dairy wasn't for the calories, it was for the sake of my skin! 


Each time I would have dairy I would get a major breakout. I kept thinking "didn't I get enough pimples in high school?" I wasn't computing that it was part of my diet that needed the change. Not only acne, dairy is a common factor in poor digestion, congestion, ear infections, bloating, and even cancer. To read up more on this topic, I thought this article by Mind Body Green was fantastic.  


I'm still not quite sure what made me think "take out dairy," to be honest. I wasn't told to do it, I just kinda thought hmm maybe this is it. Then after making the change, I read up on it and yep...super common to have breakouts from dairy. Our bodies aren't fully capable of breaking it down.


So what do you use instead of cow's milk? Well, there are many options but I prefer almond or coconut milk. I prefer to not drink soy as it has been linked to digestion problems and again, the C-Word, cancer. I am not crazy of the taste, although I do love tofu...I have began to stray from that as well. 


One thing I added more of was H2O! Water, water, water!! It seriously has made the biggest difference to my overall health of my body, skin and mind. Keeping hydrated is so crucial for staying healthy throughout your day with all your activity. Especially as we get into the warmer months our bodies need more water! Add fruit and veggies to it...cucumbers, mint, strawberries, watermelon and pineapple are my faves! 


I am so eager to hear if you've experienced something similar with dairy? I would love to hear what you did, what changes you made, etc. Do tell! Thanks for reading. 


xoxo, erin


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April 9, 2019

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