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It's so hard to find the time to set aside for dates let alone to plan something fun to do. Time is precious and especially if you are leaving kids behind, you gotta make the most of your time and sitter dollars that you can! So I wanted to share ten ideas to get that brainstorm and planning happening. These are kind of out of the box but totally achievable, no matter what the time frame you are working with. Open up the calendar, mark a date right now and then read below to start planning it!


1. Wine or Cider Tasting - Find a wine or brewery trail and get going. So much fun to visit the smaller, local spots too. Some places are even kid and dog friendly. Pack a lunch, throw out a blanket and enjoy a little picnic too. Consider an Uber too (Sorry I'm a mom, gotta tell you to be responsible) 


2. Attend a sporting event - High school, college or NFL football games are so much fun! It's truly an event. Even if you're not crazy about the sport, the whole experience of either level is super fun. Basketball starts soon too! Do a fun tailgate, or wear the colors for your favorite team. It's more fun if you jump into the whole festivities. 


3. Have a day date in a nearby town - Sometimes just getting out of dodge is what the doctor ordered. Find a cute, quaint town not too far away and enjoy a nice walk around the town and grab a bite to eat. 


4. Hike - With the cooler weather, you can exercise outside together and not suffer from heat stroke. Also, the leaves are changing so the scenery should be gorgeous!


5. Take a cooking class - I have to admit, we have never done this, but I have always wanted to. How fun to put on some aprons and learn, laugh and bonus...EAT together...not a bad evening if you ask me! 


6. Make a bonfire - If you live near a beach, this idea is for you!! Beach bonfires are so fun! If you are more close to lakes and forests like we are, maybe camping or glamping with a bonfire could be a great option. 


7. Go to the local farmers market - A good farmers market is hard to come by...but when you find a great one, it's like striking gold!! We love to grab some brunch before or after and take a leisurely stroll down the market. When I was pregnant we lived by the best farmers market in Campbell, Ca. I would just walk my belly up and down those streets with a huge smile on my face. 


8. Take a workout class together - Okay, so I am going to be honest and tell you that my husband and I do this only about once a year!! LOL! But I LOVE seeing couples in my classes I teach. I think it's the sweetest thing, and what a healthy option to enjoy together!! We can't seem to agree on the class to take together. Also, he prefers to workout by himself, go figure! However, on Christmas Eve 2016 we took a yoga sculpt class (Warrior Sculpt-for all my Life Time Peeps Reading this--holla!) Soooo I would supppose I have to wait until Christmas Eve 2017...ugh!


9. Have a game night - We used to do this all the time before we had Grace...and now that I thought of it again, guess what our Saturday Night is going to consist of?!? Monopoly, Yatzee, Rummikub, Dominoes...whoop whoop get that party started!! 


10. Dress nice and go get a cup of coffee - I know it sounds strange, but when you get a little dressed up for the occasion, suddenly a cup of coffee seems more like a luxury. Go to a trendy little spot in town and grab a latte and enjoy some great conversation with your babe. 


11. Have a 3-course dinner at 3 different spots! Okay, this is our FAVORITE thing to do!! Especially when we visit a big city and can't decide on just one place to eat. So we split it up. Have an app and a drink and one place, do it again at another and walk to a place for dinner! It's so much fun and exciting to plan and execute!! Highly suggest trying this out!


So what are you going to do next? Which one sounds like your kind of night?? I would love to hear your fall ideas too--do share! Now excuse me, time to put a date on our calendar!! Thanks for reading!





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April 9, 2019

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