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Have you ever had your eye on something for a long time, but think "oh I couldn't ever pull those off!" That was me with these Olive Green Boots! I always saw them on other people and thought oh those are so cute, but I don't know if I would look as good.


So I just decided, what the heck, you love them, then get them!! Whelp, It turns out, once you decide you CAN and you WILL pull them off something magical happens. Okay well maybe not magical, but it's a pretty powerful thing when you have confidence. Confidence to pull something off and just believe you were meant to do, say, wear, or be that person. 


My freshman year of college at San Diego State (whoop whoop Aztecs!) I saw what would later become on of my bestest friends ever, walk down the aisle of desks with the cutest outfit on. Okay, before I describe what she was wearing, keep in mind I went to college in the early 2000's so the outfit I am about to describe may sound ridiculous


She had on these cute denim overalls, a pink top, platform sandals and a bright pink bandana in her hair!!  I told you...early 2000's people!!! If you know my Bestie Lisa, she will tell you this story and also add in that I thought she was a snob, but this is totally untrue


At the time, I thought oh my gosh I love her! But I could never pull that off. After a week or so and we started hanging out non stop, I realized she just put it on and said this is me. This is ME. I swear since then I have taken that approach with everything I put on. Whether it's fitness related or not, I wear ME I do myself and I own it. 


I recently had a woman in one of my classes ask me after class where I got something I was wearing. She followed it up with "Oh I could never wear it, I just was curious." I replied with "why the heck couldn't you rock it?" I had to pass along my short story and tell her I used to think the same thing. Until you just do it and everyone believes it, because you are your authentic self! 


So the next time you think to yourself '"I love that so much, but I could never  ____" (you fill in the blank). I want you to tell your inner voice that YES you can do that and you will rock whatever it is! 


Thanks for reading and just do you...


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April 9, 2019

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