Three Must Have's in Your Morning Routine



Mornings are the most important time--what you do within the first hour you wake up, sets the tone for the day!! These THREE things make me feel most awake, recharged and ready for whatever the day brings me. My three habits I have added to my routine in the a.m. have significantly aided in my digestion, complexion, mindset and just makes my body feel better, plain and simple. The three things are movement, hydration,and meditation. But it's a little different than you may think--what and how you do these things make a difference. 


Movement, now I am not saying to start running or even jog right now, it's more about light movement. A few stretches, maybe a down dog. I love doing a standing half pigeon with my front leg on the bed and my hind leg on the ground. Then lengthen my front leg, so my hamstrings wake up a bit. Reach your arms up in the air and grab your wrists, lean side to side. See nothing too much, just something to get that blood flowing!! 


Hydration yep first thing is drink a glass of water...think about it, your body has gone around 8 hours without any water!! BUT not just drinking water--what you put in it makes all the difference. The very, very first thing (okay, second to brushing my teeth) is drinking a full glass of water with a pinch of Himalayan salt and juice of half a lemon. The rock salt (some call it pink salt) is crazy good for you in providing minerals--around 80 that you body needs and metabolizes. This promotes healthy levels of pH balance, blood sugar levels and sinus health just to name a few. It's also been known to reduce the signs of aging (umm, sign me up!)


The lemon (a fruit so cool, even Drake raps about it) is used for digestive health. mood improvement, energy level balance and it even freshens breath. The combo of these two things give me the boost I need in the morning, the hydration that is key and the digestion piece is amazing!! 


Meditation is this final piece to my morning routine. In a perfect world, I do this every morning. In reality, I am trying to be more consistent in the morning. In my opinion, the best mediation app is Headspace. Hands down the most awesome, easy to use, encouraging and completely doable mediation app ever!! My daughter knows that both my husband and me meditate and she will occasionally join us...or refrain from talking to us during this time. (We mediate wutg ger nightly with this app.) When I take the time for me to just do 10 minutes of mindfulness, my body and mind is more prepared. My mind is calm and my heart is more patient. I truly notice a difference in how I treat myself and my family when I incorporate this small step in my morning. That's not to say that you only have to do it in the morning. If your mornings are busy, find a time when you can shut the world out for ten minutes and meditate! I promise you will notice a difference if you keep it up. 


Remember, it's just all about setting yourself up to be your best you for the day. Small steps consistently make for habits that become routine. Then before you know it, it just becomes something natural you do without thinking. I would love to know--What do YOU incorporate each morning that prepares you for the day?




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April 9, 2019

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