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Not only was our visit to Kids Care Dental absolutely incredible from start to finish, Grace has not stopped asking me, "Mom can I pleeeeease go back to the dentist?" I am not even joking, she has not stopped since we left!! She was made to feel so welcomed, at ease and also educated in a way this six year totally grasped. 


Taking care of our teeth is one of my top priorities as a mom and luckily it's one of hers too. I think when you can start them young and teach them how important it is to take care of their smile, it only makes it easier to have a lifelong commitment to a healthy teeth cleaning routine! I was so happy to be introduced to Kids Care. As a top provider in the Sacramento Area and with 14 locations, we happened to have one right down the street. 


They have got this pediatric dentistry down right. From their awesome video game waiting room, to movies on the ceiling (yep, you read that correctly) Grace never wanted to leave. They taught us great pearls of wisdom, such as giving us a "tooth brush timer" so she (and I know) now how long to brush her teeth. Proper techniques were practiced so she could see and feel how effective brushing should be done. You can tell they know their stuff--her visit was completely personalized to our needs too. I just wish they had an adult practice, maybe with some bubbly served after your cleaning? Too much to ask? 


We are happy new patients of Dr. G and the only downside is, I will have to break the news to Grace that she has to wait six months to go back. Have you scheduled your kids dental exam this year? With 2018 closing (quickly), be sure to use your insurance benefits before they expire at the end of the year. Local friends, take advantage of this amazing office in our community--tell them I sent you and they will take excellent care of you! Distant friends, I urge you to find a dental office you love and schedule this year's cleaning.


Thank you Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics you are a gem of a practice! To read more about whats happening in this office, click here


xoxo, erin



**Thank you to Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics for sponsoring this post and our fantastic visit. Also, huge thanks to Yadira and Monique for making our time in the Roseville Office so wonderful.**

(Halloween candy buy back--she turned in 3lbs of candy, and received $3 in cash!) 

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April 9, 2019

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