Fit Life, Gift Life! Top Ten Picks for the Healthy Girl




Gifts are so tough especially for I right? But wellness is something that's never going out of style, so may as well give them gifts they will love. So whether you're shopping for the yogi, runner or weight lifter in your life, here are some top picks they will adore! 



1. Adidas Beanie: because you always need something to hide the sweaty hair post workout! 


2. Loccitane Products: I keep this cream in my gym bag and one by my bedside. A little fresh smelling lotion is always handy after a sweat session. Also, one of my pet peeves is going to bed with dry hands, this cream has been my go-to for years and I am obsessed with the way it smells!! Also see their adorable Advent Calendar Gift Set too! 


3. Healthy Human: Some may call me water bottle obsessed, and well I would agree. But I love the idea of this tumbler to refill and keep at home or in the car since it has no plastic elements whatsoever, even the straw is stainless steel. Cheers to sustainability. Use code: LLATELY10 for 10% off until the end of the year. 


4. Gym Bag: Everyone needs a stylish and functional bag to take to and from...bottom line! 


5. Headband: Keep the sweat out of your eyes and accessorize all at the same time--brilliant! I love the twist in this one! 


6. Quartz Roller: This one is literally called "Skin Gym." So what is it? a quartz stone roller that helps you relax facial muscles and smooth out wrinkles while giving you a beautiful glow. Umm yes please! 


7. Fre Skincare: It's actually made for skin that sweats! I have been using this skin care set for over a year now and I absoltly love it. It's made with argan oils that help clean and refresh the skin. Use code LIVINGFRE for a discount on your set. 


8. New Kicks: Is there really an explanation needed here? Always a win!


9. Yoga Mat: I love this one because it's light and colorful


10. Studio Shoes: Yoga, barre and Pilates classes have you go barefoot, so having a comfy sandal that is not a flip flip (flip flops don't support your feet) to slip on before and after class is key! 


11. Motivating Book: Becuase we all need a little kick in the pants once in a while. Rachel Hollis is my new Bae and her book is all you need to read in the new year! 


12. High Waisted Leggings: The higher the better IMO!! A great pair like these can be worn again and again and again! 



Happy Shopping! More fun on my Instagram too @livinglately



***Thank you to Loccitane and Healthy Human for providing product for this post.***


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April 9, 2019

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