Why I Workout the Way I Do


One question I am often asked in person or online is "What do you do for your weekly workouts?" So I thought, let me give you a run down of my workouts and also give you a little insight as to why I do them this way. I have to preface that this is not for everyone, but it is what works best for me and my body (through much trial and error of course), and I also have to say that I LOVE taking classes. I'm not much of a "floor" worker-outer (that's a word I am sure). I enjoy the energy, music and all around vibe of a great group fitness class. It's what brings me joy and ultimately brings me back again and again. 


Here's a couple of truths leading into this...I don't workout everyday, I don't sweat every time I workout and I re-route my thinking of working out as something I have to, to something I GET to do. It's my time to do me, be me and have a little mix of therapy in between. I do keep my workout routine simple and attainable so that it is part of my lifestyle and I don't burn out. 


I mentioned I don't always sweat when I workout because I know that my body also loves moving in ways that are uplifting and nurturing to the body, versus feeling a sense of depletion or wanting to throw up during it--lol. For me, it's important to find a blend of harder, heart pumping, sweatier classes mixed with the challenging work that will improve my core, balance, booty and flexibility. As women, if we get too much of the harder, heart pumping classes (the ones you feel like throwing up in) it releases cortisol in our system. Which is also what is released in moments of stress. If we have too much cortisol running through our bodies, it could affect the way our bodies look and feel. It can also interfere with our sleep, skin, diet and cause injuries or other harmful side affects. So I like to recommend having your weekly routine include a healthy mix of both types. As well as, mixing up and switching things around once you become bored, hit a plateau or lose that feeling of joy. 


What is your must do workout each week? I'd love to know and try it out!! 


Weekly Workout:


Monday: Barre + Cycle (toning and cardio back to back!)


Tuesday: Yoga Sculpt (done in heated environment--LOVE the detox of this class)


Wednesday: Barre + Cycle (same combo as Monday)


Thursday: REST (usually, unless one of my friends talks me into working out with them)


Friday: Cycle, Barre, Yoga Class OR a Pilates/Barre Home DVD (or REST if I worked out on Thursday)


Saturday: We usually try to enjoy some family type of movement such as a trail walk/hike 


Sunday: Cardio + Yin Yoga (could include a light jog followed by an hour of stretching in Yin) 


 *Weeks can vary where I do a little more or a little less, but this is my general outline*



Thanks for reading! You can follow along on Instagram too @livinglately


xoxo, erin




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April 9, 2019

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