Top To Do's for You + Your Family Before Baby Arrives!


(Side note: Once we found out we were expecting, I immediately thought--we need to capture this chapter in the best way! I wanted something fun, yet different for our maternity shoot. Since we don't live by the beach any longer, the water was calling to me! I found a talented photographer in my hometown area and called on my former college roomie to style the whole sha-bang for us! So fun!! Links to both companies are at the bottom on this post.)

 I keep getting asked..."Are you ready?" I seriously don't know how to answer this question! "Ummm, kinda?" We have a few packs of diapers, a rocking chair and a changing table. We have our crib from Grace but can't find the screws and we received so many amazing gifts from our family and now it's just time to put it all together. This nesting process takes some time to get it all together. Thank goodness for Pinterest!! It has helped so much--you can find my Baby Board Here

This pregnancy journey has been a whirlwind. You can read more about our journey here. It has been such a fun ride, But taking everything inside me to just slow.things.down! With this possibly being my last time being pregnant, I have tried to stop and smell the roses every time I get. We are officially down to our one month countdown where the doctor appointments go from every two weeks to every week. Luckily, we have had a normal, healthy pregnancy and I cannot complain. 


Our Family of three since 2012 -- we've lived in 6 different houses, 5 different cities and now finally feel settled in not only our home but our community. Some things are have helped with our feeling this way. I have made such strong women and mama connections. Friendships that help in all the times...good and bad. Carpools, wine nights, Bunco parties, getaways, coffee dates, walking / workout dates, all of it has helped me feel so rooted and supported. I cannot tell you how much this makes a difference in how you feel about your role as a mama. I give everything to my daughter, but I also leave time for me too. 


Her relationship with her daddy makes my heart melt. I always knew he'd be a great dad, but something about seeing them together and the little inside jokes and connection they have over Avengers and their weekend trips to the "bagel store" (where I am not invited) is the best. She has been a little more emotional than usual these days, like she knows things are "bout to change. So I asked on my Instagram what were some ideas to do in the last few weeks with your first born before delivery. I loved your responses...


-Do the small things with her, be lazy, watch movies in bed, sleep in together, just do less

-Have her write down the top things she loves doing with mom and then with dad. Once baby arrives, pull the list out and check things off

-Do a gift exchange. Have her pick out a gift for the baby and have the baby pick out a gift for her. 

-Take videos of everyone and little details of this time. Videos of her, of the nursery of my belly. I feel like I took 2 pictures right at the end with Grace and we look back on them and laugh, but my gosh only two!! Take more! 

-Have a Yes Day! My interpretation of this is give her the opportunity to do whatever she wants that special day (within reason of course) 

-Pedicure and lady lunch date!

-Have photos taken professionally to document this special time

-Unplug!! Be okay with FOMO--love this one!


What to do for yourself?

-Get a pedicure and manicure

-Make a hair appointment to color or cut your hair

-Schedule a prenatal massage

-Take a bath

-Be lazy and do a Netflix Binge in bed!

-Make a lunch date with hubby or girlfriends--or even better, both!

-Treat yourself to a comfy or nice post delivery piece of clothing such as robe, lounge wear, or pajamas. Having a nice quality piece to wear will make you feel amazing


You can read more here on my Instagram.

Thank you for reading and following our journey. The life is so sweet and it's all about soaking it up, I can't thank you enough for your kind words and support! 


 xoxo, erin

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 Photos by: Rachel Bausch Photography


Shoot Styled by: Styled by Syd




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April 9, 2019

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